About me: Stefanie Thomi

Stefanie Thomi



After finalising my university-entrance diploma I studied Business Administration at Free University in Berlin.



The four years following my studies I have worked as a consultant in International Assignment Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers. There, I have gained extensive knowledge in international taxation, including

  • preparation of German income tax returns for expatriates and foreign citizens
  • avoidance of a double taxation as well as
  • questions relating to social insurance in Europe and worldwide.

Since 2014 I am an official tax advisor after having passed the German tax advisor exam. In the following three years I was employed at a tax consultant office where I gained practical experience in:

  • preparation of private and operational tax returns
  • bookkeeping and
  • advising in various tax-related problems.



In 2018 I started working as a a freelance tax advisor in Usingen.

Stefanie Thomi