My services include tax advice (“steuerliche Beratung”) in the following areas:

Preparation of private tax returns

I will be happy to assist you in preparation and filing of your German income tax return for unlimited or limited taxpayers.

Based on my professional experience I particularly offer services for foreign taxpayers, e.g.

  • foreign citizens
  • expatriates
  • tax return for the year of moving in or moving out of Germany
  • tax return for non-resident taxpayers
Applications/ Registration

I can assist you in filing various applications and registrations, such as:

  • Registration of mini-jobs
  • Filing of appeals
  • Application for German child cash benefits
  • Application for change of wage tax classification
General and specific tax advice

If you are in need for advice in any other tax matters, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can discuss and clarify if and to what extent I can help you.

steuerliche Beratung tax advice